Is Phen375 Effective for Weight Loss

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Do you know that only in the U.S. more than one-third of the adults (35.7%) are obese, according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)? I know that because I was one of them! My name is Charlotte Evans, 31 years old, working as an office manager in small company in New York, USA. My BMI (Body Mass Index) was almost 32 (check your BMI here), I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and most of the time I was depressed. I was desperately looking for “miracle weight loss pill” that will change my life!

Phen375 Official website - Phen375  Forum Customer ReviewPhen375 Forum is not created to advertise Phen 375 or its benefits – its main idea is to give you the Pros and Cons of Phen 375. I created Phen375 Forum for those looking for real Phen375 customer reviews. My intention, when I started Phen375 Forum, was to provide real, helpful and up-to-date information about Phen375 fat burner.

The decision to buy Phen375 is all yours. If you are looking for fake Phen375 reviews or information that’s not true, please look somewhere else.

If you are still reading my Phen375 forum review let me provide you with the main points that you will find below:

  • Is Phen375 scam? – Why most of the Phen375 reviews are fake, unreal and always pushing you to buy the product?
  • My Phen375 customer review – My personal Phen 375 experience with the positive and negative sides of using Phen375;
  • What is Phen375? – Product overview; manufacturer; official website; price; delivery method and bonuses included;
  • Does Phen375 work? – Personal overview with a set with real Phen 375 before and after pictures;
  • Phen375 Side Effects – Overview of the most common Phen375 side effects, according to real Phen 375 customer reviews;
  • Where to buy Phen375? – How to choose which package will best suits your needs; buying process; tracking and receiving of your order;
  • Final words about Phen375 – Short conclusion; diet plans, which can be used with Phen 375; additional information.

Please note that I am not medically trained, I don’t have medical education and the information provided here on my Phen375 forum is as of my point of view. I am a regular Phen375 customer and this site provides my personal Phen 375 experience. So, up to the point….

Is Phen375 Scam?

Have you ever tried to find information about Phen 375? If “yes”, then you’ve probably noticed the amount of websites advertising this fat burning slimming pill! If someone has just heard about new diet pill being promoted on the market, the main customer reaction is to find additional information about the product.

Most of the times people are tempted to add words as “fake”, “scam”, “reviews”, “side effects” along with the name of the new weight loss product. The customers think that if they are not able to find any results, it will be a good sign. I did the same before I decided to buy Phen375.

I can’t remember when I first noticed that all of the Phen375 reviews I found online were in their majority quite positive and how all of the reviewers were really achieved their weight loss goals. I’ve spent more than a week trying to find some real customer reviews about Phen 375 – I was shocked by the resultsNone were available! All of the Phen 375 reviews I found were somehow sponsored by or linked to the seller. My first thought was – Phen375 scam. “It’s not possible this fat burner and appetite suppressant to have only positive reviews!” I thought.

Well, yes! But that was my first thought! Now I can assure you that Phen375 works! I am really surprised by the results I achieved with Phen 375.

So my answer to “Is Phen375 scam” is: There is no Phen375 scam! If you are not convinced about “Is Phen375 scam or not?” visit Phen375 testimonial page on the Phen375 official website or proceed reading my Phen375 forum review and…..

My Phen375 Customer Review

As I said earlier I took the decision to buy Phen375 really hard. Because of my health problems I had nothing to lose, but weight! That’s why I ordered Phen375 through the Phen375 official website!

I paid for my Phen 375 order using my PayPal account, created an account on the official site and also received a tracking number to check my order. The buying process wasn’t difficult at all.

I received the pills after 5 days in a discreet package. I was so excited and started to take the Phen375 fat burner almost immediately.

After 10 days without any diets or exercises (I was on a conference in L.A.) I found that I’ve lost 5 pounds (almost 2.3 kg). If you don’t know how to convert your weight from kilograms to pounds, here it is:

1 lbs. = 0.4535927 kg

1 kg = 2.2046202 pounds

After 30 days (back from L.A. and using the booklet I received with my Phen375 order with tailored diet plan, according my lifestyle, gender and activity level) my weight was already down with another 17 pounds (7.7 kg). I was amazed! All the fears that Phen375 is scam disappeared! My personal opinion is that Phen375 works and there is no such thing as Phen375 scam! If want to read more Phen375 reviews by customers, please visit Phen 375 official website.

Visit the Official Phen375 Website

Now, let me give you some information about…..

What is Phen375?

Phen375 fat burner product picture - Phen375 forum review

Released in 2009, Phen 375 is fat burner and appetite suppressant. According to Phen 375 official website this weight loss diet pill will help you to:

  • Reduce your weight with 3lbs. – 5lbs. per week on average;
  • Suppress your appetite at high rates.

I can say that these claims are real and true, but you should know that you are required to do some exercises and to follow diet plan, suitable to your daily activity level, gender and lifestyle (the diet plan booklet will be provided with your Phen 375 order).

Phen375 Product overview:

  • Manufacturer – RDK Global Pharmaceutical U.S. based company, approved by FDA;
  • Official website – you can reach Phen 375 official website at:;
  • Price– Price is as follows:
    • – $69.95 for 30 tabs;
    • – $138.90 for 60 tabs;
    • – $227.80 for 90 tabs + 30 tabs free;
  • Delivery method and bonuses included – Delivery method is postage and as a bonus a tailored diet plan booklet is included;
  • Tracking numberYes. You will receive a tracking number after you buy Phen375, so you can easily track your order;
  • Special offers – If you buy #3 package with 90 Phen 375 tabs, you will receive 30 tabs for free!

Check the Phen375 ingredients and how they work to help you lose weight, following this link, or proceed with my Phen375 review about….

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Does Phen375 work?

As I said before Phen375 fat burner is produced in FDA approved labs and it’s on the market since 2009. This talks a lot for a weight loss products, because if the Phen375 results were bad, it will never gain so much popularity among customers.

In my opinion Phen375 works just great! I managed to improve my overall health status, achieved my weight loss goals and said “bye-bye” to depression.

So my answer to “Does Phen375 work?” is “yes”. Some analysis on the weight loss market will show us, that if a product survives more than 3 years, it has to work! Below are some Phen375 before after pictures to give you the idea how effective Phen 375 is.

Before Pic 1 - Phen375 – Phen375 Forum – Phen375 Customer ReviewsBefore Pic 2 - Phen375 – Phen375 Forum – Phen375 Customer ReviewsAfter Pic 1 - Phen375 – Phen375 Forum – Phen375 Customer Reviews
After Pic 4 - Phen375 – Phen375 Forum – Phen375 Customer ReviewsAfter Pic 3 - Phen375 – Phen375 Forum – Phen375 Customer ReviewsAfter Pic 2 - Phen375 – Phen375 Forum – Phen375 Customer Reviews

If you are still not sure about “Does Phen375 work?” please check the other articles here on my site! Now I will continue to….

Phen375 Side Effects

I read a lot of Phen 375 reviews claiming that Phen375 has minimal to no side effects. Actually in the first 3 days of taking this fat burner I couldn’t sleep at all. Maybe this was because I was really excited with my Phen 375 order, maybe it’s a side effect. I also succeed to find additional Phen375 side effects reported by other customers as: dry mouth, headache and diarrhea.

Also some users reported that they have more energy! Are you ready for …

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Where to buy Phen375?

As I told you earlier Phen375 official website is the only official distributor for Phen 375. Phen 375 is not available in the nearest mall, you can buy Phen375 only through the official website. I received a lot of emails from people all around the asking me where to buy Phen375 in Canada, USA, Australia, Greece, Indonesia, France, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you are located in Japan or in the UK. You can buy Phen375 through the Phen 375 website and you will receive your order worldwide!

I already wrote about the ease of buying process in my Phen375 customer review.As I said your order is accompanied with a tracking number and in discreet package.

Visit the Official Phen375 Website

Now it’s time for my…

Final words about Phen375

At the end of my Phen375 customer review I want to add that Phen 375 is one of the most popular weight loss diet pill nowadays!

I am not a huge fan to so called “fat burners” and I normally don’t suggest them to the others. Most of these fat burner manufacturers make huge claims about how effective their pills are, without giving any importance to the need of using balanced diet and exercises together with the pills.

Phen 375 is the only fat burner which gives you a 30-day balanced diet plan you can easily follow and provide you with access to exercise videos which you can easily do in your home!

We are at the end of my Phen375 review. If you still have a questions about this very effective fat burner don’t hesitate to check the Phen375 Help – FAQs section located in my left sidebar or/and to contact me using the contact form. I will be more than happy if you use the comment form below to post a comment relating Phen375 or your personal Phen375 review!

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  1. Pim says:

    I’m just wondering how long it takes for the pills to stop working as effectively as before, when your body starts to build a tolerance to them?? If so, are there any ways to prolong or prevent this, like taking 1 pill (ie. for a month) then increase the dosage to 2 after that or something? I have 4 months worth and don’t want to waste them either. Thanks

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Pim,
      I am using Phen375 for 2 years now and I didn’t notice Phen375 to stop working. In my opinion if you are not sure how to take it, first month you can take a pill every day and after that increase the pills to 2 per day! Will be happy to answer more of your questions if I can.


  2. Phen375 should be your first choice if you want safe and effective weight loss.

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